Writing 357, via Shaggy

Veronica Hall, Alvernia College
Reading, Pennsylvania USA 19607
Men's restroom, in the basement/dungeon

On the ceiling above the toilet seat.

Your shit must feel real good if your looking up here.

I looked at this writing every day of my freshman year. No idea who put it there.

Writing 356, via Loren

Tara Anglican School for Girls
Sydney, NSW Australia 2151
Women's restroom, 2nd floor

If you tinkle and you sprinkle,
Be a sweetie wipe the seatie

Just thought it was a cute rhyme for a chicks bathroom.

Writing 355, via Sharrell

Dreamgirls Strip Club
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404
Women's restroom, 1st and only floor

Brenda fucked my man
She fucked mine too!
Who's your man?
Jayvon- I'll kick her ass
I'm gonna kick YOUR ass-Jayvon's my man's name!!!!!

This last has to be from Brenda herself:

Stop flattening my tires you stoopid hoes- u see hes not no good

And under THAT:

And now I'M fuckin him! Trish

And finally:

jokes on all of you- he gave my clamidia!!! Betsie

Betsie was the only female bouncer in the place, and everyone was scared of her — so they barred Jayvon (who really WAS sleeping with half of the dancers) and all stripped happily ever after!

Writing 353, via Diane

John Yeats Middle School
Suffolk, Virginia USA 23435
Women's restroom, 1st and only

Killing for peace is like fucking for chastity.

Writing 352, via Diane

John Yeats Middle School
Suffolk, Virginia USA 23435
Women's restroom, 1st and only floor

Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but whips and chains excite me,
So... throw me down,
and tie me up and show me that you like me.

I saw it and I loved it.

Writing 351, via Tottie

Ohio USA
Women's restroom, 1st floor


I noticed it while I was on the toilet and it really grossed me out... I think it meant that that chick had sex in the stall.

Writing 350, via Jen

Clear Run Intermediate School
Tobyhanna, PA, USA 18466
Women's restroom, 2nd floor

Here I sit I'm at a loss
Trying to shit out taco sauce
I know I'm gonna drop a load
I only hope I don't explode

This only stayed for a little while, but it made me laugh. Gotta love those cafeteria tacos!

Writing 347, via Jacklyn

Oak Ridge High School
The Woodlands, Texas USA 77382
Women's restroom, 1st and only floor

jessica loves michael


so it was u!!!

Apparently someone was cheating on his girlfriend...and she found out!

Writing 346, via Rayray

Coop H.S.
New Haven, Connecticut USA 06510
Women's restroom, 3rd floor

In the handicap stall, the right-hand corner by the door,

Suck my balls

And underneath it, in different handwriting,

If you have balls then why are you in the girl's bathroom?

I guess the person who wrote the reply hadn't been in Coop long enough to hear tales of "The Boom-Boom Room."

Writing 345, via Rayray

A building belonging to Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut USA 06510
Women's restroom, basement floor

Mmm... Pussy

And right underneath it;

Maturity... ain't it grand?

I guess Yalies are no different from everyone else.

Writing 339, via Katrina

Concordia University
Buetow Music Building
St. Paul, Minnesota USA 55104
Women's restroom, 1st floor

i love brian!
apparently not enough to keep from defacing a bathroom stall.

The second was written underneath the first, in different handwriting that looked like a professor's.

Writing 338, via Laura

Raleigh, North Carolina USA 27606
Women's restroom, 1st floor

A kiss is two questions answered at once.

Writing 336, via Joanna

University College Dublin
Library building
Dublin IRELAND 01
Women's restroom, 2nd floor

Written on the left wall:

look right

Written on the right wall:

look left

This could keep you going for awhile!

Writing 333, via Sarah

Humptys Resturant
Calgary, Alberta CANADA 102-920
Women's restroom, 1st floor

I was here but now i'm not I sat right here and smoked some pot, I'm writing this to make a point, Lifes a bitch so smoke a joint

I agree!

Writing 329, via Tammy

Shari's Restaurant
Shoreline, Washington USA 98133
Women's restroom, only floor

here I sit all broken hearted
tried to shit but only farted
then one day I took a chance
tried to fart and shit my pants

Saw the first half already posted on here... has been one of my favorite stall writings for a few years now.

Writing 328, via Natalie

Vines High School
Plano, Texas USA
Women's restroom, 1st floor

Here I sit
Came to shit
But only farted

I laughed so hard I almost fell in...

Writing 327, via Arokthis

University of New Hampshire
Whittimore Center Arena
Durham, New Hampshire USA 03824
Women's restroom, main floor

My copy of "How to serve man" is missing. Has anyone seen it? Jen

This was found just after a meeting of science fiction geeks had left. There is a story that boils down to this: Aliens show up, end all wars, make everyone healthy and strong. Someone notices a book all of the aliens carry and asks what it is, hears "How to serve man" and asks for translated copy. Turns out to be a cookbook.

Writing 324, via Roxanne

Reggies Sandwich Factory
Barrie, Ontario CANADA N6E 1R7
Women's restroom, 2nd floor

have you found that sex lately has been a pain in the ass?
well turn around! you're doing it the wrong way!!

Written below:


The meaning is obvious, however these were stalls known for sexual conquests.

Writing 318, via Shoopie

Food 4 Less
Carson, California USA 90243
Women's restroom, 1st floor

On a sign that said "Please wash your hands completely clean" someone wrote:

how? there's no soap!

Damn cheap bathrooms.

Writing 311, via Lynn

Houston, Texas USA 77396
Women's restroom

As the story goes, Bush was in need of a lady of the evening. He instructed Dick to set him up with some to check out. Dick brought him a blonde who told him the price was $200. He decided this was too much, so he asked the redhead "how much?". She told him $500. WOW! He then asked the brunette "how much?" and she replied:

Lower my panties as low as the wages, raise my dress as high as the taxes, get that thing as hard as the times and screw me like you screwed the American people and you can have it for nothing!

I actually read this about Nixon, years ago, but really felt it needed some updating and was still very appropriate!

Writing 310, via Lynn

Houston, Texas USA 77396
Women's restroom

If you voted for Bush don't shit here - your asshole is in Washington.

TRUE, so sadly very true.

Writing 309, via Amanda

Racine, Wisconsin 53404
Women's restroom, 2nd floor

Please Donate to Charity

Arrow pointing to toilet next to writing.

I thought it was funny, so I tossed in a penny!

Writing 308, via Erin

St. Paul, Minnesota USA 55387
Women's restroom, floor: 1st

15 minutes of pleasure,
9 months of pain,
1 week in the hospital,
And a baby with no name.

My thoughts for this were that a young girl ruined her life by having a baby at such a young age. It's saying "Don't have sex too young!"

Writing 307, via Sarah

Washington DC USA 20579
Women's restroom, 1st floor

On a tampon dispenser the word 'tampon' was crossed out and reads:

gentle guide vibrator

Damn, it was empty.

Writing 291, via Brittney

High School
Waverly, Ohio USA 45690
Women's restroom, 1st floor

If you love your man have some class
Don't write it where you wipe your ass!

Self explanitory, quit fucking up the stalls freshmen, it's annoying!

Writing 287, via Sarah

Denmark road High school for Girls
Gloucestershire, England UK Gl1 3JS
Women's restroom, ground floor of the main building


Well - our school is a demented all girls school that is consumed by either dykes or boy mad rabie-ridden desperates. Simon Randles happens to be a particularly lush sixth former of whom everyone loves to death. And I mean EVERYONE. Think celebrity status, screaming, drooling etc. Fair enough.

Nirvana live on!
Err...sorry to break it to you mate but....

And the rest, about Nirvana? Some sad twats are still in denial as to the death of a rock star who probably died before they were born. How sad? Very sad.

Writing 272, via Natalie

Bradford, West Yorkshire UK BD13 5DE
Women's restroom, 1st floor

sex drugs rock & roll speed weed birth control fathers a bastard baby's a git all because the fucking condom split

Meaning: Be careful.

Writing 264, via Brittany

McLaughlin Middle School
Vancouver, Washington USA 98662
Women's restroom, 1st floor

If you love him, show some class. Don't write his name where you wipe your ass.

This was a common one in all the bathrooms at MAC, but usually pointless as many things such as "I LOVE JOSH!" were writen in the same handwriting.

Writing 263, via Leah

Public bathroom
Melbourne, Florida USA 32907
Women's restroom, ground floor

its amazing how many people crap with pens!!

This was written after many people had written their numbers or their name and their lovers name in little hearts.

Writing 261, via Piper

USA 33458
Women's restroom, 2nd floor

mother father please don't cry as i bid you one last good bye. my eyes are closed my arm is red there's no light on inside my head. there is so much i didn't say things i should have said everyday. i love you too and thanks so much i should have given you hugs and such. but this rhyming game is over it's my turn to go i just wanted to say i love you so. so pack up get out get on with your life mom's got a new husband dad's got a new wife. but day in and day out i know you'll think of me things will change in good time you'll see. yet sometimes you think and wonder what it would be like if your only daughter were still alive.

Writing 260, via Piper

USA 33458
Women's restroom, 2nd floor

i'm ganna draw a picture, a picture with a twist. i'll draw it w/a razor blade, i'll draw it in my wrist. if i do it correctly a fountain will appear, drowning all my sorrow, drowning all my fear.

Writing 253, via Elizabeth

Hilltop High School
Chula Vista, California USA 91910
Women's restroom

As I sit in deady vapor,
I did my sit,
now where's the paper?

Writing 252, via Dez

Houston, Texas USA 77070
Women's restroom, 1st floor

Don't Drink and Drive
Get high and Fly

Writing 247, via Jessica

Some place by MSU
Lansing, Michigan USA 48809
Women's restroom, bottom floor

You are here! [With an arrow pointing down to the toilet]

Writing 241, via Bob

The Cherwell School
Oxford, England UK OX2CS
Women's restroom, ground floor


On the cubicle door in which people hide behind to smoke...

Writing 234, via Beagle

Train Station Public Loo
Women's restroom

In order to prevent wet feet, stand up upon the seat

To which was added:

Don't bother standing on the seat - the crabs in this loo jump 10 feet!

The loo was disgusting, urine on the floor and I doubt anyone would like to sit down on the filthy seat.

Writing 233, via Mariska

EsselenPark Highschool
Worcester SOUTH AFRICA 6850
Women's restroom, 1st floor

Save FUEL.
Get cremated with a friend!

Probably off now, as I left school 10 years ago!

Writing 232, via Zee

Taxila Secondary School
Pietersburg, Northern Province SOUTH AFRICA 0699
Women's restroom, 1st floor

Men are like toilets, either occupied or full of shit.

Writing 223, via Lynne

Richland High School
Freshman Hall
Richland, Washington USA 99352
Women's restroom

WASL and ITED, sitting in a tree

WASL and ITED are both tests that our school has coming up next week...to the tune of the stupid k-i-s-s-i-n-g, sitting in a tree song...

Writing 218, via Jenni

Cat's Cradle
Carrboro, North Carolina, USA 27510
Women's restroom

Cheese Fact #4: The best part about any food with cheese in it is the cheese.

Writing 192, via Martin

Apprentice training centre
Western Australia 6753
Women's restroom, 1st floor

Written real small on the front of the toilet bowl, between where your legs would be, right under the seat lip.

what the fuck are you looking here for

Writing 189, via Anonymous

Triple Rock Social Club
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Women's restroom

Goddamn cross dresser!

Writing 187, via Jamie

9th Street Coffee House
Durham, North Carolina USA 27701
Unisex restroom, 1st floor

Scientists prove it: poop splash causes AIDS!

(In a different hand.)

Do you have to swallow it?

Writing 182, via Nancy

Random nice restaurant
Los angeles, California USA 90049
Women's restroom, 1st floor

Written in small letters at the very bottom of the stall door in the women's restroom:

you are now peeing at a 45 degree angle

Writing 171, via Gemmy

Public Park
Northern Beijing CHINA
Women's restroom

Official sign in Chinese characters: pang hou qing chong shui, which basically means "please flush".

Then underneath, in English:

Please Mang After Shit

Who knows what mang means... :)

Writing 165, via Aurora

Ed White Middle School
San Antonio, Texas USA 78218
Women's restroom, 1st floor

If you like him have some class, don't write where you wipe your ass.

Written in response to pre-pubescent love scrawls strewn all over the walls.

Writing 164, via Hippu

Wesleyan University
Campus Center
Middletown, Connecticut USA 06459
Women's restroom

Each written by a different person.

Goals for the semester:
Find true love
Fuck true love!
Both, yes?

Writing 161, via One Wet Leg

Comet Tavern
Seattle, Washington USA 98122
Women's restroom

Under a long, flowing and psuedo-intellectual writing in black marker someone else penned:

oh, great. another college student bought a sharpie.

Writing 159, via DB

Stockton College
Pomona, New Jersey USA 08240
Women's restroom, 1st floor

From three different people:

Meat is murder
Necesary for some, excess for most.

Writing 153, via Centaur

In visitor's restroom
Lookout Mountain, Tennessee USA
Women's restroom, ground floor

Saw this while on vacation in the early 1980's:

If black is beautiful, I just shit a masterpiece.

Writing 139, via Leesa

U.C Berkeley
Barrows Hall
Berkeley, CA, USA 94720
Women's restroom, basement

Written by three different women over time:

If God had meant for women to give blow jobs, she would have made men taste better.
But oh, think of the protein.
I'd rather eat tofu.

Writing 130, via Laura

J.Patrick O'Mally's Pub (now defunct)
Lubbock, Texas USA 79401
Women's restroom, ground floor

Mick, Mick
with lips so thick
rock and roll me
'til I'm sick.

Writing 128, via AEM

Public Restroom outside of a Bar
Grand Bahama Island BAHAMAS
Women's restroom, ground floor

Jesus Loves You

Writing 117, via Tourist

Clear Springs Cafe (circa 1986)
Clear Springs, Texas USA 78130
Women's restroom, main floor

Men are no damn good!

Just fuck 'em.

Clear Springs is located between New Braunfels and Seguin.

Writing 89, via Mary

Georgia Southern University, Winburn Hall
Statesboro, GA 40568
Women's restroom, 3rd floor

Written in black marker.

If you take a crap,
Please put it back.

Writing 49, via Blake

Dublin pub
Dublin, Ireland
Women's restroom, 1st floor

Mother Mary, who conceived without sinning, please help me to sin without conceiving.

Writing 31, via Chickenlil

Los Ojos Saloon.
Jemez Springs, New Mexico, USA 87025.
Women's restroom.

God damn that man
what kissed my mom
while he was doing
her electric

Writing 17, via Michae

University of Cape Town Arts.
Cape Town, South Africa 7945.
Women's restroom, 1st floor.

Don't discriminate, Hobbits are people too.

Writing 11, via Olivia

I've been in the men's restroom at Emo's and have to say that place is a goldmine. Only I never seem to have paper and pen. My sister was resourceful enough to have her digital camera on hand, though.

Fighting for peace, is like screwing for virginity!

Writing 9, via Meredith

This entry was found in the women's restroom at The Metro. Each line is a response to the line before it (all made by different people).

The finger of God is inside you.
God is a tampon?!?
Tampons are fingers?!?

Writing 7, via Gemma

This next entry was found in the women's stall at The Metro. To fill ya in, it's a coffee shop on Guadalupe (a.k.a. "The Drag") on The University of Texas campus.

Driving into oncoming traffic is counter-productive.

Writing 2, via Gemma

This was found in a women's stall in the Undergraduate Library (or UGL) at The University of Texas. Each line is a response to the one which proceeds it.

Is true love ever to be found?
Yes. Believe it, and it was so.
It is not a question of finding "true love," but one of finding someone whose bullshit you can put up with.
False love is not love at all. If you love truly, then it is true love.
I'm just looking for someone who doesn't irritate the shit out of me.
It seems to me u all fail to recognize love in its pure existance by attempting to define it
Love transcends the need for definitive terminology. Don't undermine it!!
If it transcends the need for defintive terminology, then why are you calling it love?