Writing 355, via Sharrell

Dreamgirls Strip Club
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404
Women's restroom, 1st and only floor

Brenda fucked my man
She fucked mine too!
Who's your man?
Jayvon- I'll kick her ass
I'm gonna kick YOUR ass-Jayvon's my man's name!!!!!

This last has to be from Brenda herself:

Stop flattening my tires you stoopid hoes- u see hes not no good

And under THAT:

And now I'M fuckin him! Trish

And finally:

jokes on all of you- he gave my clamidia!!! Betsie

Betsie was the only female bouncer in the place, and everyone was scared of her — so they barred Jayvon (who really WAS sleeping with half of the dancers) and all stripped happily ever after!