What's all this about, then?

One day I, Jonathan Horak (Janitor in Chief), was musing at the writings on the stalls when one in particular immediately drew my attention. I started thinking not of what it read but more of what stalls can reflect in general society: a whole lot.

They serve as (informal) forums for politics, pop culture, humor, and so forth. What better, then, than to bring the best of these writings out to the world over this thing we call the Internet? Thoughts and ideas that once were localized can now be made globally available. Huzzah!


Entries posted on this site don't necessarily reflect the beliefs of its creator or those of others.

On that note, you will often find my postings to have Liberal viewpoints. That's because I'm highly political (can't seem to avoid this in any venue) and extremely Liberal.

This noted, even writings that I disagree with ideologically will still be posted. It is my belief that freedom of speech is a fundamental human right.

There are two ways to send in writings:

For text based writings, go to the Submit a Writing form. And in the event that you have an image, please send it — via email — along with infromation about where it was found and your thoughts, to the .

Something new: There's now a Thanks are Due page where we recognize — with a link — those who have helped this project though either submitting a writing or linking The Writings on the Stall.