Writing 337, via DIK

Construction Site
Irvine, California USA
Unisex restroom, 1st floor

Don't eat the white mint.

This was on the wall of a "porta-potty" on a construction site.

Writing 335, via David

Outside main Palace
Tikrit IRAQ 09036
Unisex restroom

Everybody pisses on the floor. be a hero and shit on the ceiling

Got to love the minds of our nation's soldiers. So inventive.

Janitor's note: Wow, our first entry from a soldier in Iraq (?)!

Writing 320, via The Mad Shrubber

Milton, Florida USA 32583
Unisex restroom, floor: ground

This toilet paper is like John Wayne. Tough as nails and dont take shit off nobody.

A classic, and one of the best in my opinion.

Writing 316, via Ralph

Outhouse - in a city park
Charlotte, Michigan USA 48823
Unisex restroom

This is a tee pee
for a pee pee.
Not a wig wam
to beat your tom-tom.

I read this back in the 1950's when I was in grade school. It took a few years before I would grasp the meaning of it.

Writing 314, via Anonymous

Philmont Scout Ranch
near Cimarron, New Mexico
Unisex restroom

Here I sit,
A pushin' and a flexin'
Ahh . . .
Just gave birth
To a new little Texan.

People in New Mexico don't much care for Texans, but they do let them spend their money when they visit.

Writing 304, via Clark

The University of Texas at San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas USA 78231
Unisex restroom, 4th floor

Pity the poor bastard who's poetic ability is enhanced by the smell of shit.

Writing 266, via Stacy

Fort Hunter Ligget, California USA
Unisex restroom

Written just above the urinal in a port-a-potty:

Sink is too low and blue soap will now lather.

Military Seabees are so creative...

Writing 265, via Stacy

Fort Hunter Ligget, Caliornia USA
Unisex restroom

Please Do Not Throw Toothpicks in The Urinals The Crabs can Pole Vault.

Military Seabees are so original...

Writing 254, via John

Portable toilet, construction site
Wilmington North Carolina USA 28403 Unisex restroom

Al Goregasm

Writing 251, via Jess

Kelowna, BC Canada V4T 1H9
Unisex restroom

On the wall in a port-a-potty:

It's easy to piss on the floor, but it takes talent to SHIT on the ceiling!

Writing 250, via Jonny

Superior, Colorado USA 80027
Unisex restroom, 1st floor

why the heck do parents always yell?? when the kid didnt do ne thing wrong...GOD!!!

Writing 220, via Dave

Outhouse on construction site in January
Crested Butte, Colorado USA 81224
Unisex restroom

Here I sit all cold and dirty,
killing time until 4:30.

Writing 216, via Beth

Pier 45, Shed B
San Francisco, California USA
Unisex restroom

Sonic Dude sez:

Time is Money
Resistance is Useless
Soup is Good Food

Eventually, a guy I liked became my boyfriend, and I discussed this with him, and found that he had written it.

Writing 194, via Apeiron

Port-a-Potty at a Neil Young Show
George, Washington USA
Unisex restroom, ground floor

Hate Bush? Hate Gore? Turn Green! Go Ralph!

Writing 190, via DJ Polk

Yab Yum Coffeehouse
Orlando, Florida USA 32804
Unisex restroom, 1st floor

Long since closed, but great graffiti on the unisex bathroom walls (encouraged by management, no less!)

If Jesus loves me, why does he keep calling out other people's names in bed?

Writing 154, via Anonymous

South Africa 0051
Unisex restroom, floor: 1st floor

Cheer up! Bush could be president of your country.

Writing 138, via David

Jakobsbergs Gymnasium
Stockholm SWEDEN 17540
Unisex restroom, 1st floor

He who said that sex was the best feeling in the world has never really, really, really, really needed to take a shit

Writing 125, via Leav

Across from the English multimedia room, the gymnasia Hertzelia
Tel Tel-Aviv ISRAEL
Unisex restroom, 3rd floor

By reading this you are commiting thoughtcrime.

Thank you and have a nice day,

A nodd to the famed book by George Orwell "1984".

Writing 116, via Smartie

Mörby Skolan / Skolsysters toilet
Stockholm Sweden 18200
Unisex restroom, 1st floor

Bovar och banditer
sitter här och skiter

Rhymes in Swedish, but correct translation in English:

Criminals and crooks
are sitting here taking a shit

Writing 104, via Anders

Snack youth camping site
Visby SWEDEN 62172
Unisex restroom

Sug pung, dö ung

Translated from Swedish to English it reads:

Suck balls, die young

In Swedish it rhymes, and sounds pretty epic actually.

Writing 100, via Ben

Some restaurant in Rome
Unisex restroom, ground floor

Some go here to sit and think
Some go here to shit and stink
I go here to scratch my balls
and write some bullshit on the walls

Writing 99, via Mr Bister

Hudiksvall SWEDEN 82480
Unisex restroom, 2nd floor.

Den som tycker att sex är skönt har aldrig varit riktigt skitnödig...

Translation from Kristian: Anyone who thinks having sex is great, has never had to take a crap when you REALLY need to.

Janitor's note: This seems to be be a common one, in many languages.

Writing 97, via Johnny

Outhouse at the "Kungsleden" hiking trail
Kvikkjokk SWEDEN
Unisex restroom, 1st floor floor

Om du tror att sex är det skönaste som finns har du aldrig varit RIKTIGT skitnödig

In English: "If you think sex is the most enjoyable thing in the world you have never REALLY needed to take a dump"

(The outhouse was at least 10 miles from the nearest lodge.)

Writing 71, via Vo

The late, greatly lamented Les Amis
Austin, Texas USA 78705
Unisex restroom

Still the single best graffito in Austin, TX or anywhere:


Writing 64, via Two Names

USAF high security agency outhouse
Trabzon TURKEY (mountain top post)
Unisex restroom

He who writes on shithouse walls
Should roll his shit in little balls.

Underneath in differenty handwriting.

He who reads these lines of wit
Should eat those little balls of shit.

Writing 56, via Dave!

Bear's Place
Bloomington, Indiana USA 47408
Unisex restroom (in the front), ground floor

When I run, I feel god's power.

Writing 24, via John

Hampstead, North Carolina, USA 28443.
Unisex restroom.

In portable toilet on construction site. Newfangled crapper had a hopper for water (so you could wash your hands) directly above the urinal.

this is the stupidest idea yet, makin' you lean backwards to pee...
Dude, you just need a three foot dick like everyone else
If I had a three foot dick, I wouldn't need a urinal, now would I?