Thanks are Due (For what?)

In the spirit of the web/log I've created this page to link back all those that link The Writings on the Stall. We greatly appreciate support and would like to return the favor.

As many website owners may know, getting the word about a site can be a daunting task. This fact is often compounded by a desire to get a site out that one truly believes in.

So here's the plan: link this site and you'll get a link back.

Also, Submit a Writing and your site gets a permanent link.


There are a couple of stipulations to this proclamation (er, yeah):

  1. Do unto others.... When a site links here, I feel I've been given expressed permission to link back. You're not one of those quirky Don't Link to Us! sites, are you?
  2. This is blogflogging, isn't it? When a link to The Writings on the Stall drops from your site, the return link on this page will be put to a permanent archive (which isn't available yet).

    Exception: If you post a link in a weblog entry and said entry drops off the main index (and into the archives) your site will still be linked here. Consider this a token of our friendship.
  3. Where's my link? If you have linked this site and have yet to see your link show up here, let the know.
  4. Finally: These rules can be changed at any time.

Without Further Adue

Get it, further adue; as in "Thanks are Due!"? Sorry — I guess we're only funny in our own little world.