Writing 354, via Mr. Business

Sportsmans' Park Restrooms
Idaho Falls, ID 83404
Men's restroom, 1st floor

For a good conversation, meet here at 2:50pm on July 10.
Look for a maroon van.

Known locally as "Peter Park" because the homosexual perverts (not to say all homosexuals are perverts, just the twisted, child molesting ones) like to meet there, I found myself in that bathroom, on that day, at 2:47 PM. I cannot describe the abject horror I felt. I peed on myself in my haste to exit the bathroom, and sure enough, a maroon minivan pulled up at 2:49 and a suspicious pervert got out and checked the bathroom. If you have ever seen Dumb and Dumber, you can't even imagine the terror of the truckstop bathrooom scene.