Writing 228, via Stanislav

Oberlin College
North Hall Men's Dorm
Oberlin OH USA 44074
Men's restroom, 2nd floor


This one word set off an orgy of stall scribbling. The next day, someone wrote underneath the above: "gravitate." Then someone added "pontificate." Pretty soon these were followed by "ameliorate," "exacerbate," etc. -- you name it. (I swear I think guys were taking dictionaries and thesaruses into the crapper just to participate -- hey, there's another one!)

Eventually, a janitor scrubbed the vocabulary lesson clean. The next day, someone defiled the now blank canvas with a long tirade in indelible black marker, starting out "Hey, Drano-breath..." and using a selection of colorful metaphors to assail the janitor's manhood, his mother, and various parts of his anatomy, and warning him that he would suffer the fate of the Ti-D-Bowl man if he dared to censor us again.